CAMP attends the coveted Cassies Awards 2016

Oct 2015 020

The Cassies are Canada’s top advertising effectiveness awards and each year agencies vie to be shortlisted and to win the much revered award. The lucky winners are accorded a Bronze, Silver or Gold award and the best in class has a chance of getting the optimum award, the coveted ‘Grand Prix’.

The first Cassies started in 1993 and ran every two years till 2001 and since then has been an annual feature.

The submissions are vetted by a benchmarking committee and a shortlist that meets the minimum criteria is then judged by a jury of leading advertising and marketing professionals.

Agencies clamor to win a Cassies each year and proudly feature it on their credentials and website. It has become known as the leading advertising awards that Canada boasts of.

CAMP is proud to announce, for the first time ever, a CAMP team member was selected to be on the Cassies jury to review the shortlisted submissions and select the award winning entries.

14 judges were selected from across the country as leading advertising and marketing professionals and included the President of Grey, Publicis, Edelman, Juniper Park and CMO’s from Unilever, Kraft, Danone and CIBC among others.

The judging was done in Toronto on the 13th and 14th of October 2015 and the winners will be announced in a gala evening to be help in Toronto in February 2016.

And we are proud to announce that our CAMP member, Mr. Gautam Nath, Vice President at Balmoral Multicultural Marketing was honored to be invited to sit on the Cassies 2016 panel of judges. Congratulations Gautam in making CAMP proud by being recognized as the Cassies jury this year.

Gautam came to Canada 7 years ago from New Delhi, India and has been working and volunteering in the multicultural marketing space in Canada. He was recognized as the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants in 2011 and having him sit on the Cassies panel of judges only goes to prove to our other CAMP members that there is a way.

Determination, perseverance and patience are key elements of making a success in this new country of choice” said Gautam Nath when we asked him what the key traits to success were.

gnGautam Nath will be starting a new column in the CAMP website called G-Talks where he will share learning’s along the way since landing as a newcomer to Canada in 2008. Do come back and read these articles as they are posted.


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